Samsung MultiScreen SDK connects mobile devices and SmartTVs.

Create seamless TV experiences using Android, JavaScript and iOS APIs.

SmartTV, tablets and phones

A MultiScreen app provides separate views that are connected and running on different devices. The TV version displays a public view of the app that can be enjoyed by an audience. Mobile devices display a private view for individuals or can be used to control the action on the SmartTV. All devices (and the TV) are connected, and can communicate with each other.

Samsung MultiScreen SDK 1.1

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How Does Samsung MultiScreen Work?


A mobile application can use the API to find a Samsung SmartTV Device that it can connect to.


Once a device has been discovered, the mobile device can launch an Application on your SmartTV.


Once launched, the SmartTV and mobile devices can communicate through a Channel.

Simple integration using a few lines of code

The mobile part of your MultiScreen application can run as an Android, iOS, or JavaScript application. The MultiScreen SDK provides APIs, documentation, and examples of each. All APIs contain a similar interface with the semantics of each language the only difference.

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Sample Code - Android DeviceAsyncResult<List<Device>>() {
    public void onResult(final List<Device> devices) {
      // use one of the returned devices
    public void onError(final DeviceError error) {
    // handle the error
Sample Code - iOS
  id searchDevicesCallback = ^(NSArray *devices) {
      [self.devices removeAllObjects];
      [self.devices addObjectsFromArray:devices];

  [MSDevice searchWithCompletionBlock:searchDevicesCallback queue:dispatch_get_main_queue()];

Sample Code - JavaScript
    function(devices) {
    function(error) {


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